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Solanova acid

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Shagimuratov Zakir Zakievich
директор ООО
Авангард, ООО,  Chelyabinsk, RU
Flagma member since 7 September 2016


Gentlemen and comrades with our world, those who are looking for solanova acid with certain unique properties like breaking nails
and turning of the nail in graphite and writing them on paper, then breaking of reinforcing bars and the nice thing is the removal of the magnetic properties of the metals after a short space in an acidic environment. I can say is not yet created and if someone will create it is considered the Nobel prize would be able to (also tell me what kind of precious stone or metal are nails and rebar or magnetic field?). For the information of those who do not understand or forgot the curriculum !Loss of magnetic properties and transformation of metals in graphite and broken to pieces , a key marketing mistake Scam !
Metals and other materials have different magnetic phases, depending on the temperature of the environment in which they are located. As a result, the metal may exhibit more than one form of magnetism.
For example, iron loses its magnetism, becoming paramagnetic when heated above 1418 ° F (770 ° C).

The temperature at which a metal loses magnetic force is called its Curie temperature.

Iron, cobalt and Nickel are the only elements that are in metallic form have a Curie temperature above room temperature. Thus, all magnetic materials must contain one of these elements. And solanova acid or it can not remove the magnetic properties of the above metals!
Our solanova acid is designed and works only metal dissolution full when you check!!!!And our production is implemented to work with precious . and semi-precious stones and clearing the rocks, containing precious metals.. Understand one thing-those who are fooled by fairy tales!!! yet in our earth-World acid which changes the magnetic properties of metals at short-term placement in the solution and causes the brittleness of nails and fittings(all the videos where this is lost as the magnetic field and the fragility of the metal mounting and deception). Our offered products only real dissolution does!!!! Personally, the buyer comes and buys!!! We have there bookmarks, samples of only having the money to buy and the arrival. Can look in the Internet and we have no exhibition , and the products are always in stock. Can also hurt in America and China , Germany has acid solanova but it also does not fracture and not crush the metal and removes the magnetic field of the metal does not dissolve even metal-it doesn't work with the minerals at all!!! Therefore, gentlemen, who looking for, you can look for years and just waste your time and chance to buy products which will not do anything, but you are beautiful video showed and deceived! Some translators you such a story about their unique product and alas, after a quiet full prepayment listing, the signing of certain contracts and after no response, no goods, ie you shod and washed for a certain amount of money. Who just want to work our acid the best decision it works and created just for these purposes ! But our acid is bleaching of minerals and to decrease of zonality in color, removal of foreign bodies in cracks that reduce the quality indicators. The minerals are placed in a solution of acid from several hours, days to several weeks to obtain the desired result with the color. This technology is used in the processing of coral, pearls and minerals group the jades (nephrite, jadeite). Also usage and recycling-cleaning of precious metals from impurities. !Loss of magnetic properties and transformation of metals in graphite and broken to pieces , a key marketing mistake Scam !Physical characteristics: Colorless, transparent liquid,
Density: 1200 g/l,
Transportation, storage and precautions: Store in cool place in sealed containers away from fire at temperatures from -5C to +25C.
Shelf life: No expiration date.

Ad number: 2530
Авангард, ООО,  Chelyabinsk, RU
Flagma member since 7 September 2016
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