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Resume from 2 August 2020

Data Scientist /Tester /Python Developer in Boston

I am looking for a job in Boston, San Francisco, California City, New York, $1,000
Vysotenko Mikhail Alexandrovich 21 years old, Moscow, Russia, incomplete higher education

Work experience

Data Scientist/Analyst
2 years 12 mo. Dec 2018 - Сurrent time
Flora Point, Moscow
2 years 12 mo. Dec 2018 - Сurrent time
Analyst, Data-Scientist, Tester

Incomplete higher education

BMSTU, Moscow
Management in technical systems
Sep 2019 - Сurrent time


English - advanced, Russian - fluent

Additional information

For the last 3 years, I have been actively engaged in trading on the stock exchange, received a certificate
qualified financial market participant (FSFR 1.0).
Now I decided to develop in the field of data analysis. This
a real way to make informed decisions and forecast using knowledge of the theory
probability, combinatorics, mathematical statistics, and other more applied
mathematical Sciences.
Graduated from the Nordic IT course on data analysis in Python (mastered the pandas and numpy libraries,
matplotlib), still in the process of" profession Data Science " in Skillbox.
Analytical mindset, structural thinking, stress tolerance, communication skills and
excellent sense of humor are in the basic configuration, the rest of the skills are ready to actively learn.

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