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Amber oil
$500/l EXW
Amber Protect, SP, RU
AMBER OIL Product of deep processing of amber obtained in the process of dry distillation of a mineral. Amber oil is an innovative product that...
Amber Varnish Metal
$25/l FCA
Amber Protect, SP, RU
Amber varnish is widely used by shipbuilders. This type of varnish is used to cover the underwater part of the hulls of ships and vessels. The...
Amber varnish Wood
Amber Protect, SP, RU
Amber varnish are widely used to protect wooden buildings, wooden furniture, as well as in iconography. It has high protective properties: it is...
Amber impregnation
Amber Protect, SP, RU
Amber impregnation for wooden surfaces. It's not just about saving materials. Impregnation is antiseptic and protects the surface from all sorts...
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