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 100 /service
Svettkani, DI, IT Los Angeles, US
Buy yarn and textile fabrics
Textiles/Yarn made in Italy
 15 /m EXW   
 3-10 /m wholesale
Fadeeva A., DI, IT Los Angeles, US
We, Italiantextiles, would like to assists you in your purchase of Italian textiles and accessories. Our clientele ranges from currently developing firms to sewing, shop or private entrepreneurs. To
"Made in Italy" Textile and Yarn Agent in Tuscany
$ 100 /pc FAS   
$ 10-30 /pc wholesale
Svettkani, DI, IT Texas City, US
Based on our knowledge of the distribution of warehouses in Tuscany, we are able to provide a great variety of contemporary textiles in stock. Textiles also include famous brands such as Versace,
Costume Accessories and leather strings
 5 /service EXW
Fadeeva A., DI, IT Los Angeles, US
Trimmings and Accessories (3/4 boxes of goods) Costume jewelery Accessories trimmings ribbons DIY applications paillesttes for do-it-yourself Christmas ribbons, leather chains etc. Selling in a
Yarn and textile fabrics made in italy
$ 50 /m EXW   
$ 5-15 /m wholesale
Svettkani, DI, IT California City, US
Our services are based on our acquired know-how and on the union between experience and knowledgeand we strive to meet each and every personal need or request. Our highly professional and
Итальянские ткани оптом
$ 100 /m FAS   
$ 10-30 /m wholesale
Svettkani, DI, IT Dallas (Texas), US
Эксклюзивные итальянские ткани высокого качества. Тысячи видов и расцветок. Ассортимент еженедельно обновляется и никогда не повторяется. Стоит в 2-3 раза дешевле, чем ткани на фабриках ткани
Сток брендовые мужские и женские джинсы
 9.50-11.50 /pc wholesale
Gallery Fashion Group, SRL, IT New York (New York), US
В наличии женские и мужские джинсы итальянского бренда Nudi Jeans. Собираем лоты минимум по 500 ед 50% мужские и 50% женские. Цена за ед 11.50 евро. Розничная цена от 120 евро и выше. Зимняя
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